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Vanuatu: Go digital!

So PNG wants to be the "Silicon Valley of the Pacific"... And what about Vanuatu ? It is high time we defined the path to digital transformation, which is a huge opportunity for the country, in terms of job creation, and in terms of every day life improvement, for citizens and consumers. Simple measures can unlock innovation and create jobs. For instance, the implementation of an incubator in Port Vila would enable the development of strategic start up (online payment, App development, premium deliveries,...). Another example: a financial incentive for digital payments (VAT discount for instance) would reduce informal economy, and would boost innovations (services, digital content,...). How long will we have to use the same old transport model (buses and boats), when companies like Uber revolutionized customers experiences all around the world? How long will the ni-vanuatu children be isolated from digital universe, when many countries provide a computer to every single child, in order to reduce inequalities, and to skill next generations? How long will humble tourism actors depend on call centers, instead of managing themselves directly their customers queries/orders, through online networks like trip advisor, booking, or AirBnB? Examples overseas show that a country like Vanuatu can become within less than 5 years a regional digital champion, but this requires a political impulse.


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