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Launch of, first social network made in Vanuatu

Dernière mise à jour : 12 août 2019‘s mission is to contribute to the development and the modernization of the kava industry, thanks to digital solutions. It eases social inclusion in the kava value chain.

Kava industry is key in Vanuatu, with about 25,000 households engaged in some part of the kava value chain (around 40% of all households, most of whom are kava growers). This commodity is already the main income source in many islands, and has a fantastic growth potential, reflected by international trade. In Vanuatu, kava is a traditional, legitimate, quality product.

Yet, two serious issues must be faced. First, there is a huge lack of information, at all levels, which by definition hides opportunities, and slows down the market. Second issue, as price are more attractive than ever, there is a clear risk in the long run for Vanuatu’s kava to be less competitive vs. foreign production, unless we modernize the sector.

The vision is to enable a fun, collaborative and useful social network, all about kava. attracts on a same platform consumers, kava bars holders, kava producers, kava exporters, and other service providers (B2B market, shipping, grinding, etc.). Stakeholders are also very enthusiastic: TRBR, national telecom leader, Ministry of Agriculture, Port Vila municipality, VanIGF,… is a highly innovative solution in Vanuatu, it is already a source of inspiration for other modern, digital, collaborative tools. The project is an echo to main objectives defined by the National Kava Strategy 2015-2025: “develop and imbed quality consciousness throughout the industry; Develop the framework that ensures that kava produced meets internal and external market expectations and encourage value adding; do things differently now to take advantage of new opportunities or create new opportunities”.


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