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Marc Gérard has worked for Kurt Salmon (Accenture Strategy) and emnos (American Express). Then he hired a consulting team in South America, working with +30 companies, and came back to Vanuatu in 2016, where he set up yumiwork, a co-working space with a business incubator.

Marc has an MBA and loves free diving.

Arnaud is fascinated by travels and foreign cultures. He worked for McKinsey as a business consultant. He also had a great experience in the French Navy.

Arnaud is learning bislama... plis toktok bislama wetem hem!

Marie is an artistic Director with deep Marketing expertise: LVMH Group (Kenzo,...), Diptyque, Côté Lac,,...

Vanesa Ginesta lived in UK, then in the Netherlands, and is now based in Uruguay. She is a Consumer Goods expert. She started as an employee in finance for Bayer & Avon, and Marketing for Unilever. Then she worked as a consultant for Imagination (Shell, Ford, Land Rover,...) and MANG Consulting (Espacio Magma). She also has an entrepreneurial track :)

Aaron Taravaki was born in Vanuatu. He is passionate about diving, and spent several years under the sea... His other passion is web Development.

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